Bentley Bentayga Coupe to look like the EXP 10 Speed 6 concept


Bentley CEO Wolfgang Duerheimer has revealed new details about the Bentayga crossover coupe.

Speaking with Automotive News, Duerheimer confirmed designers are already working on the model and hinted it will look like a crossover version of the EXP 10 Speed 6 concept. Duerheimer went on to say the model will definitely not look like an “old Bentley.”

While the Bentayga was introduced less than six months ago, the Bentayga Coupe could go on sale within the next two or three years.  As Duerheimer explained, Maserati, Lamborghini, and Rolls-Royce are all working on crossovers and “When they arrive, I want to have an answer.”

Little is known about the Bentayga Coupe at this point but the model will likely ride on the MLB-Evo platform and feature a biturbo 6.0-liter W12 engine that produces at least 600 horsepower and 663 pound-feet of torque.  The engine enables the standard model to accelerate from 0-60 miles per hour in 4.0 seconds before hitting a top speed of 187 mph.

The crossover hasn’t been approved for production but the company expects Volkswagen executives will make a decision regarding both the Bentayga Coupe and a production version of the EXP 10 Speed 6 concept by the end of the year.

Source: Automotive News


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